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Emerging Interior Trends For Autumn

- 23 April 2018

There are a variety of trends emerging this Autumn, and we here at RJ Eagar would love to share them with you and help bring some or all into your home.

The use of pattern is always a trend, but pattern themes that are standing out are: Birds of Fancy, with bright tropical prints used in textiles and wall covering alongside animal print. As well as Tribal which James Dunlop textiles have embraced in a new and bold way portrayed via modern weaving, embroidery and printing techniques. This leads to a tactile outcome. 


Majorelle | James Dunlop Textiles

Talking of tactile, texture is also a trend that should be embraced. Luscious fabrics such as velvet make great cushion covers or even a whole couch can be covered in velvet as it’s an industrial fabric. Come in store and check out our James Dunlop Velvet range.

Autumn trends are not just about textiles. The idea of oversized items are taking off. Be it oversized artwork or oversized floral wallpaper (this is a very hot trend, especially in nurseries at the moment). But the key to oversized accessories is moderation! You want these items to be statement pieces not swallowed up by having too many.

floral feature

Kippen Wallpaper Mural | James Dunlop

Opting for oversized artworks is an easy way to bring colour or set the mood in a room, and if you decide down the track that you don’t favour it any more. You can easily swap it out, move it to another room or gift it to someone.

So forget blank spaces, wall art is BIG. Pinterest reported saves for ‘big wall art’ up by 637% in 2017. Bold wallpapers, large posters, works of art and photography prints will continue to grow in 2018.

Metal, Metal, Metal - this isn’t a new trend, it’s one we’ve talked about previously, Industrial Influence. It’s a great trend that works in many ways, and lends itself to being ‘masculine and feminine’ depending on how it is introduced.

Colours and texture - in unexpected places such as kitchens. Forget feature walls think feature flooring! This is a trend we can get behind. The herringbone is still a strong trend, and if you’re not feeling game about putting it in a large area, think of utilising it in your entrance way or an office space.

 herrinbone flooring

Colours of Autumn and 2018 are brightly saturated yellows, metallic based golds and rich mustards, made for bold accents colours. Often mixed with pinks or terracotta tones for an earthy combo. As well as the green - we can't get enough of luscious rich greens to warm a room, emerald green alongside wooden accents is a great combo, and brings in texture.

On the other side of the spectrum there is pink in every shade! From the barely-there millennial pink to striking fuchsias and berry tones. Overall these colours will make you feel toasty and warm inside as the weather outside changes.

emerald green wood

Another fun trend is the #shelfie, forget selfies this is all about taking photos of bookcases, shelves and display units, showing off how you display keepsakes, art and other objects. Show us your #shelfie on Instagram @rjeagar.

We hope that we have inspired you for Autumn and if you need any more ideas for your home come into our New Plymouth or Stratford stores and we are happy to help you!